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Astro Feature Test: MDX from CMS

It works. Even with Svelte.

How to use Notion as a visual rich text MDX editor

Astro Component

import ContentNote from '@components/ContentNote.astro';

Test: Plain Astro Component with `click` event listener <button onclick="alert('button clicked')">Test</button>

Test: Plain Astro Component with click event listener

Svelte Component

Caution: the empty line between the import statement and the <Component /> is mandatory.

import Counter from '@components/Counter.svelte';

<Counter client:visible="svelte" value="5" />


Caution: Currently, there’s a known bug in Astro and component styles aren’t imported properly at build time

Update: using Notion code blocks

Using a custom transformer for notion-to-md:

n2m.setCustomTransformer('code', async (block) => {
	 *   type: 'code',
	 *   code: { caption: [], rich_text: [ [Object] ], language: 'markdown' }
	const { code } = block

	if (code?.language === 'markdown') {
		return code?.rich_text?.map((chunk) => chunk?.plain_text)?.join('')

	return block

the input with language === markdown:

<Counter client:visible="svelte" value="10" />

will be treated as a mdx component reference: